Issue 2-001

Requested by: Fram Monument Company
Location: 7020 Reisterstown Rd (south of Colonial Rd)
Current Zoning: 0.06a DR 5.5
Requested Zoning: 0.06a BL
Justification: "I would like to improve the appearance of my property by expanding the commercial use into a small section of residential properties adjacent to my lot that I currently own."

Staff recommendation: 0.06a BL
Planning Board recommendation: 0.06a BL
Council decision: 0.06a BL


Issue (outline in purple above) includes:

  • 5.5 ft strip at back end of parcel at 7020 Reisterstown Rd (owned by Yahrzeit Memorials, Inc) to make zoning line same as property line.
  • 16.5ft strip at back of 7029 and 7031 Alden Rd (both owned by Steven Venick) so that BL zone would intrude into these residential-zoned parcels. This may get around some set-back requirements for the monument business.