Issue 2-003

Requested by: St Marks on the Hill
Location: St Marks
Current Zoning: 2.48a OR1
Requested Zoning: 2.48a RAE2
Justification: "We are proposing to rezone an unneeded portion of the St. Marks property for multi-family housing. This will provide access to high quality housing units to the community and will increase density in the Pikesville development area seeking to revitalize the Reisterstown Road commercial district."

Staff recommendation: 2.48a RAE2
Planning Board recommendation: 2.48a RAE2
Council decision: no change


An RAE 2 zoning would allow apartments at a density of 80 density units. Density Units are calculated as:

  • Efficiency apartment - 0.5 DU
  • 1-bedroom dwelling - 0.75 DU
  • 2-bedroom dwelling - 1 DU
  • 3 or more bedrooms - 1.5 DU
Thus, this zoning would allow 160 efficiency apartments per acre or potentially nearly 400 such units.