Issue 2-005

Requested by: 8315 McDonogh Rd, LLC (Jerome Stephens, resident agent)
Location: 8315 McDonogh Rd
Current Zoning: 3.21a DR2
Requested Zoning: 3.21a ML
Justification: "The subject property is located in an undeveloped and remote area next to the CSX railroad tracks in Owings Mills. It appears to be a landlocked parcel, but is served by a stone based driveway that runs adjacent to the CSX railroad track. The driveway connects to McDonough Road and is 1,774 feet in length. It is the only access to the subject property. The property is improved with a building which serves as an office to an existing utility business. The zoning request, if granted will cause the property to reach its highest and best use. Given the existing conditions surrounding the property, it is not appropriate for it to remain as DR2."

Staff recommendation: "Staff does not support the requested zoning change. The request for zoning change is within an area that warrants further study during the Baltimore County Master Plan 2030 process."

Planning Board recommendation: no change
Council decision: no change

Comments: Since the property is surrounded by land that would remain RC2 (all County owned), a change to ML would be inappropriate. The apparent lack of an actual road access would prohibit any ML use. A change to ML would likely make the purchase price higher when the County eventually buys it. The parcel is also 100 ft from Gwynns Falls, so is a serious environmental concern.

It is also noted that the property is the subject of several Code Enforcement complaints that have not been satisfactoriy resolved.