Issue 2-009

Requested by: 9800 Reisterstown Road, LLP (Richard E Rotner, Pres; Sanford D. Schreiber, resident agent)
Location: 9800 Reisterstown Rd (Outside of PCC area)
Current Zoning: 3.15a BM
Requested Zoning: 3.15a BR
Justification: "This firm represents the owner of the above-referenced property located in the Owings Mills area of Baltimore County. The Property contains approximately 2.95 +/- acres of land, located on the south side of Reisterstown Road between its intersections with Painters Mill and McDonogh Roads. The Property is currently zoned BM, and our client has filed an application to rezone the Property to BR. We are seeking the support of the Planning Department for this request."

Staff recommendation: no change
Planning Board recommendation: 3.15a BR
Council decision: 3.15a BR

Staff recommendation: "Staff does not support the requested zoning change. The request for zoning change is within an area that warrants further study during the Baltimore County Master Plan 2030 process."

Comments: Note that no actual "justification" was given other than "we want it". This is currently a Furniture store which puts up lots of illegal signage. BR would allow a used car lot.