Issue 2-014

Requested by: Hotel Pikesville (Double Tree)
Current Zoning: 16.83a BL; 0.4a DR16
Requested Zoning: 17.23a BM CCC
Justification: "The applicant is a new owner of this property, having purchased the hotel and property in the past year. The requested zoning change to this property will provide additional flexibility to the new owner as they invest millions of dollars in renovating and redeveloping the property."

Staff recommendation: 17.23a BM CCC
Planning Board recommendation: 17.23a BM CCC
Council decision: 17.23a BM CCC


  • Hotels are not allowed by right in BL, but "grandfathering" is easy to establish. They are allowed in BM.
  • A CCC District overlaid on BM would allow apartments for the elderly and a Class 7 brewery (see BCZR Section 235A.)
  • CCC also allows the minimum amenity open space ratio to be 0.2. (It is undefined for BM, so unknown if this is a reduction.)