Issue 2-015

Requested by: Milford Property Holding Industrial
Location: se side Milford Mill Rd between Deearfield Rd and CSX Tracks
Current Zoning: 2.31a ML
Requested Zoning: 2.31a MR
Justification: "The owner is requesting a zoning change to provide additional flexibility for the development of the site. The property is uniquely located adjacent to Milford Mill Road which contains a steep embankment constructed by the SHA in order to allow access over railroad tracks. This embankment severely restricts the owner's access to his property and reduces the available land suitable for development, given the percent of grade. This new zoning request is necessary to allow the property to be developed. In addition, there exists two small slivers of DR 5.5 zoned land that remain in error and must be eliminated."

Staff recommendation: no change
Planning Board recommendation: 2.31a MR
Council decision: 2.31a MR


  • The two "slivers" of DR5.5 mentioned in the justification are not included in the issue.