Issue 2-016

Requested by: Colonial Village Neighborhood Improvement Association, Inc
Location: Intersection Reisterstown Rd and Colonial Rd
Current zoning: 0.51a BL AS, 0.23a BL
Requested zoning: 0.7a DR5.5, 0.03a BL AS
Justification: "Would like this grass space to be changed from "BL and BL-AS" to "DR5.5" to ensure that it stays a grass space and not taken over by a business."

Staff recommendation: 0.46a DR5.5, 0.28a BL AS
Planning Board recommendation: 0.44a DR5,5; 0.28a BL AS; 0.02a BL
Council decision: 0.28a BL; 0.46a DR5.5

Comments: As evident from these maps, the building for Mari Luna Restaruant is encroaching partly onto the county's land. This request is to leave that small part zoned BL AS.

(Click on map to download larger, printable copy.)

Existing: This show the full area of the "issue" and the present zoning boundaries (heavy black lines). It includes multiple parcels, all part of road beds or Baltimore County owned. Requested:This shows the area of the requested zoning change - to change areas that are BL AS and BL to DR5.5. Although having no effect on County-owned land, the new restrictions would take effect if the County ever sold these parcels. The resulting zoning boundaries are shown in heavy green lines.