Issue 2-023

Requested by: Greater Greenspring Association (currently not active)
Location: east and sourth of Greenspring Valley Rd, west of Spring Hill Rd, north of old railway line
Current Zoning: 22.27a RC2
Requested Zoning: 22.27a RC5
Justification: none given

Staff recommendation: no change
Planning Board recommendation: no change
Council decision: no change


While changing RC2 to RC5 is normally seen as "upzoning", something that a communicty association would not do, it sometimes results in "downzoning" in that it may block subdivision of a small parcel. While RC5 requires an overall density of 2a per lot and a minimum of 1.5a for any single lot, RC2 has a strange provision to allow splitting off a single lot from a parcel of 2-100a. This was intended to allow a long-time farmer with a large RC2 fram field to split off a small corner, for example, where he can retire to when the children take over possession of the farm. Unfortunately, it is being abused to subdivide small parcels.

In this case, it appears that this zoning change might prevent Russell Carter from splitting his property into two lots (a total of about 2.92a with six parcels. (The 4.3a and 5.15a lots owned by others could be split under either RC2 or RC5.)