CZMP 2020 issues in Pikesville area:

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IssuePetitionerLocationCurrent size/zoningRequestedNotes
2-001Fram Monument Co7020 Reisterstown Rd
(S of Colonial Rd)
0.06a/DR5.50.06a/BLBack 5.5 ft of parcel at 7020 Reisterstown Rd - fixes "error" in line. Also shown as including 16.5 ft strip at back end of 7029 and 7031 Alden Rd (residential lots).
2-003St Marks on the Hill2.48a/OR1RAE2Area behind church. RAE2 would allow apartments at 80 density units per acre
2-004Colbert Matz Rosenfelt4300 Old Milford Mill Rd0.01a/MLSeems to be just a correction of a very small "error" in the zoning line.
2-0058315 McDonough Rd, LLC8315 McDonough Rd2.31a DR2 to 3.21 MLOutside of PCC area, but of concern
2-006Suburban ClubPark Heights/Slade Ave18.62a/DR26.39a/BL CCC
Existing large building and lane out to Reisterstown Rd, RAE1 would allow apartments at 40 density units per acre
2-008Greg Golden (propety owner)3906 Naylors Ln1.68a DR21.68a OR2Parcel is 1.42a
2-0099800 Reisterstown Road, LLP9800 Resisterstown Rd3.15a BM3.15a BROutside of PCC area
2-014Hotel Pikesville, LLCDouble Tree0.4a/DR16
17.23a/BM CCCHotel not allowed in BL by right, but easily "grandfathered". Hotel is allowed in BM. The CCC designation would allow elderly apartments above the 1st floor with no density limit, and a brewery. See BCZR Section 235A for C.C.C. Districts on BM.
2-015Milford Property Holding Industrialse side Milford Mill Rd
between Deerfield Rd & CSX
2-016Colonial Village Neighborhood AsscSW side Reisterstown Rd @ Colonial Rd0.23a/BL
0.51a BL AS
0.03a/BL AS
All owned by Baltimore County or SHA.
2-018Woodholme Country Clubsw side Reisterstown Rd0.04a/RO
5.38a/BM ASBM AS would allow a gas station or used car lot.
2-019Keller Road, LLCCastleton Ave4.39a/OR2
2-023Greater Greenspring Association
(Currently not active)
east & south of Greenspring Valley Rd
north of Spring Hill Rd
22.27a/RC222.27a/RC5About 25 separate parcels, mostly already built.
2-026Susan PatzSuburban Club6.39a/DR16
Not likely since inside URDL
2-028Councilsouth of Old Court Rd, west on Enclave Ct54.09a DR254.47a DR1Just outside PCC area.

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As of Apr 22, 2020