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Comprehensive Zoning Map Process

The new CZMP has started. During this one-year process, many properties around the county are considered for changes in zoning. This includes requests by property owners to "upzone" their own property to allow for more development or simply to increase its market value. It also includes requests made by community associations, and some private citizens, to "downzone" properties in order to protect the environment or to prevent development or uses where it would be inappropriate.

Information about the process and issues submitted for the current CZMP can be found on the Baltimore County Web site here. It includes a log of issues, providing information about the location and the change requested as well as an interactive map, which shows the bounds of each issue, the surrounding zoning, and other features such as roads and streams.

The final decisions will be made in August 2020.

List of issues in Pikesville area.

Updated: Oct 2020
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