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PCC Officers

President Alan Zukerberg pccorppres@gmail.com
Vice-President Dennis Sober, Esq. pccorpvp@yahoo.com
Treasurer Howard Moffett  
Secretary Barry Silverman pccexdir1@gmail.com
Executive Director Barry Silverman pccexdir1@gmail.com

PCC Committees

Land Use: which shall deal with such matters as master plans, any commercial areas determined to affect the quality of life of those residing within Member areas, zoning and zoning variances and special exceptions, storm water, sewage, cable television and utility usage and management and other similar requests. It shall obtain information regarding land use in the areas affecting the Community, disseminate such information and offer recommendations regarding what positions the Corporation should take on any matters affecting the social welfare of the Community. This committee and the President, Vice-President and any Director so empowered shall have authority when instructed by the Board of Directors to testify and pursue any relevant matters before the Baltimore County Board of Appeals.

Education: to investigate the quality of public education and make recommendations to improve same.

Legislation: to report on existing, perspective, and needed legislation and the actual or potential effects thereof, and to deal with lawmakers and regulators.

Updated: 28 Dec 2020
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